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2020.008.ANX Staff Report 9.17.2020 2020.008.ANX Staff Report 9.17.2020
Annexation request
2020.007.VAR Staff Report 8.20.2020 2020.007.VAR Staff Report 8.20.2020
Request to reduce side setback from 15 feet to 8 feet.
2020.006.TXT Staff Report 6.18.2020 2020.006.TXT Staff Report 6.18.2020
Joseph Smith is requesting text amendments to allow lofts on the groundfloor in C-1.
2020.004.TXT Public and Legal Comment 04-16-2020 2020.004.TXT Public and Legal Comment 04-16-2020
2020.004.TXT Staff Report 4.16.2020 2020.004.TXT Staff Report 4.16.2020
Jeff Royal requesting a text amendment to Section 800.33(f), changing the maximum number of guest rooms for a bed and breakfast from 4 to 6.
2020.005.MAP Staff Report 4.16.2020 2020.005.MAP Staff Report 4.16.2020
Kelly Mahoney requesting an amendment to an existing Planned Professional Development (PPD) on Bethany Road (036 059)
2020.002.MAP Staff Report 2.20.2020 2020.002.MAP Staff Report 2.20.2020
Schmidt is requesting a rezone from Large Lot Residential (R1) to Small Lot Residential (R4)
2020.001.MAP Staff Report 1.16.2020 2020.001.MAP Staff Report 1.16.2020
Reilly is requesting a rezone from Estate Residential (R) to Professional/Office/Institutional (P-1).
2019.013.CON Staff Report 11-21-2019 2019.013.CON Staff Report 11-21-2019
Hoy is requesting a conditional use for an accessory dwelling for 291 Pine Street (M19 030). The existing garage would be converted into an accessory dwelling if approved.
2019.012.VAR Staff Report 10-17-2019 2019.012.VAR Staff Report 10-17-2019
Rafael Romero is requesting a minimum setback variance from Section 800.4(1) at 659 East Avenue (M17 078B).