Free Little Art Gallery

Free Little Art Gallery

About The Free Little Art Gallery

When several members of Madison’s Public Arts Commission (PAC) read the same article about a Free Little Art Gallery in Seattle, their first thought was: Madison needs (at least) one of these! According to Smithonian Magazine, Little Art Galleries are popping up across the country. Madison has not been left out. PAC chose a sidewalk location Downtown in front of the Madison Artist Guild Gallery at 125 W. Jefferson Street to install the Little Art Gallery. 

 Here’s how it works: Aside from appreciating the art on display, gallery patrons (this means you!) can also TAKE a piece, LEAVE a piece, or BOTH! So, get those creative juices going and make some Little Art to share! Then snap a pic to share on Instagram (tag us: freelittleartgallerymadga and/or #MADminiART) or Facebook (tag us: City of Madison, GA and/or #MADminiART). Better yet, email a photo to us and we'll post it!

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