Court Officers & Staff

Clerk of Court

The Clerk of Court’s office is the official depository and custodian of court records. This office maintains all original citations and sentencing orders of defendants and serves as the case manager by arranging court appearances, attending court hearings, preparing the case file, obtaining reports and test results, preparing orders for the judge’s signature, attending court, accepting payments for fines, and updating of records by entering conditions of sentence for each offense. 


Municipal Court Judges are required by law to receive 20 hours of training as new judges. Each year thereafter, the judges must satisfy 12 hours of training.  Training is offered several times a year by the University Of Georgia Institute Of Continuing Judicial Education. 

Solicitor (Prosecutor)

The Solicitor is part-time and appointed by the Mayor and City Council. All communications are to be conducted in open court and according to the laws and procedures governing such communications. The Prosecutor is the legal party responsible for presenting the case on behalf of the City against an individual accused of breaking the law. In preparing the case, the Prosecutor will investigate the charges, conduct background review of the accused, research test results, interview witnesses and determines a recommended sentence and fine amount for the Judge’s consideration. 


Court Appointed Attorney

In certain circumstances you may be eligible for a court appointed attorney. The Madison Municipal Court follows the federal poverty guidelines when determining eligibility for a Court Appointed Attorney.

  • Requests for court appointed attorney are accepted in open court or by application to the Court Clerk.
  • Your case will not be heard until the application process has been completed.
  • Applicants will complete an application form and will be required to provide documentation.
  • The judge will review application and make a ruling concerning appointment of an attorney.