Board Appointments

Interested in Citizen Participation?

There are lots of opportunities for you to take a leading or supportive role in your local government, depending upon your area of interest, expertise, and time commitment.  

In General

  • The Mayor & Council make all appointments to the public service boards and positions.
  • To the extent available within the community, an effort is made to locate appointees with appropriate expertise.
  • Typically, a citizen will not be appointed to serve in more than one public service position at a time.

Responsibility, Attendance & Ethical Behavior

Applicants should carefully review the position's scope, time, and work commitments with staff. Appointees are expected to regularly attend board meetings and complete any required training. Appointees represent the city government and are accountable under the city's Ethics Policy, unless subject to alternative state policy.


  • Applications are online.
  • Applications are valid for the current round of appointments; a new application will be required for future opportunities for appointment.
  • Appointments are typically made on an annual basis. However, as vacant positions occur, infill appointments may become necessary.
  • Open positions are advertised, and city officials may contact known professionals and interested lay persons to invite application submission.
  • All applicants must be residents at the time of application and during period of service unless otherwise stated by ordinance.
  • Incumbent members who are eligible for reappointment may reapply unless otherwise restricted by ordiance.

Choose Your Path

The following are some suggested steps to take to decide which board is the best fit for you.

Type of Work
Read notes for the various boards and their committees to get a feel for the type of work involved. Recent Agendas & Minutes

Review the general policy on appointments, responsibilities, and application process.
Board Pages

Current Opportunities
Several boards have appointments in December while other have appointments in June. From time to time there are vacancies midterm. Check the volunteer postings to see find upcoming appointment opportunities. Volunteer Opportunities